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Drew Beckie

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1 hour ago, Zem said:

It really doesn't seem like you understood my comment. And yes, I have watched every Fury game that has been broadcast online.

I didn't say he wasn't good, I said he wasn't particularly good, i.e. he wasn't a standout. He also never played a game in MLS, he was drafted by Columbus in 2013 and then released the same year.

He was a starter in 2014, where he made 19 starts out of 27 games. In 2015 he was obviously not a starter (8 starts) and got opportunities at RB and CM but wasn't very good there and couldn't secure himself any consistent playing time, which is why he played very little for most of the season. He did great in Carolina where he started 2/3 of their games, which was a nice rebound for him.

But you should remember the context of my comment was him trialing for Chicago Fire and whether he should be considered for the CMNT. Whether he actually has US citizenship or not is irrelevant because you only need a green card to be considered a US domestic, which was my point. I was not saying he didn't "deserve" the tryout, just that being a US domestic was an important factor, because if he was an international he obviously wouldn't be trying out with an American MLS team.

He is a great guy and a reasonable NASL-level player, but I don't think he is MLS or CMNT quality at the moment. Could he improve? Certainly, he's not exactly "young" anymore at 26, but I think a lot of the problems in his game could be ironed out with more experience. Sorry if you misunderstood my tone.

My apologies, didn't mean to attack you there. Just think there are players who deserve an opportunity with the national team and he's one of them. If you stack up several guys who have played many games over the years in a good league vs the guys they have brought in, then it's really no comparison. I thought he was a top RB in the league last year having watched several games and then filled in at other positions when there were injuries. How many players can play three positions well? Not many, so that gives him an advantage in my book. 

Its just frustrating for me seeing those players not get a chance when they have proved their worth. MDS has praised Beckie and others for their ability and condemned Canada for not giving them a shot. 

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Beckie vs Jakovic on BEIN sports right now - game almost over.  Both have played well (caught the last 30 minutes).  Beckie has been up and down the right wing and has been strong defensively when needed.  Jakovic has been steady, made one gaffe but didn't end up the Cosmos net.

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