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    • Glory is within your grasp #Qatar2022
    • Something like: Catch-22 fever Or:

      We're going to Qatar To which we can also sing: 

      We're going to Qatar.
      We're going to Qatar.
      We know you don't believe us.
      We know you don't believe us.
      We know you don't believe us!
      We're going to Qatar!  
    • MISSION 2022....   I think we should have continued that.  No one wanted to do it for 2018, 'cause we did it in 2014.    
    • Yeah, I was thinking that too. Leaning towards pattern, but then from far away people won't know what it is.  Maybe that doesn't matter if thousands of people signed it, they will know.    
    • I guess a red and white maple leaf would be cool but I don’t really know the limitations for sewing this size of a banner.
    • This is not exactly a banner. It will be a series of banners sewn together in a large overhead to be unveiled at our first WC 2022 Qualifier.  It will be created in sections, and each section will make appearances across the country at events where people can sign it.  Now, the trick here is we don't know where that opening qualifier will be played.  This brings up issues like what size should it be...   The other possibility is, if we partner with SC it doesn't necessarily have to be for the supporters section.   If it was really large, it could be done anywhere in the stadium where it does fit like the main stands.   Do we keep it simple and make a pattern of alternating colors so we only need to make it even regardless of size?  Do we go for something more ambitious and make an image out of the pieces? Ideas?   
    • Going to drop the easels.  Rather get something like a heavier weight a frame sidewalk sandwich board.  Every single event we have done outside has had trouble with wind.   I think the easels will just be a pain in the ass.    
    • The banner functions that way,  I should take a picture of it set up. For the allstate show, I am going to do the following. 1.  Getting some aluminum easels.   I can make large format prints easily, and put them on foam core (I have a 24" printer)    With this I can easily make new ones to fit the occasion and change it up.  They are not expensive, and if I grommet the foam core I can use zip ties to secure them to the easel.  2. Getting a 32" tv/monitor to loop videos on.  Easy to move, lots of cheap options available and loop off my phone locally with a chrome cast. 3.  Getting one or two of these (breaks down easily) https://www.uline.ca/BL_2285/Tradeshow-Literature-Rack?keywords=Trade+Show 4. Getting one of these for shirts & scarves. https://www.uline.ca/BL_1445/Gridwall-Mobile-Tower?keywords=grid+display Between all of these things it maximizes portability, flexibility and cost. Any other suggestions.....?     
    • As a guy who does these things with several groups I suggest you keep it simple: Generic business cards Bowl of candy small flyer (half-page max) with info on next event/game tablecloth with printed web address on front and side skirts    
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