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  2. Didn't know Bisons drank other animals milk? What The Health lol
  3. Exactly. Saputo should do so as by his English slogan.
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  5. what team/division?
  6. There is only one thing I am absolutely sure of in all of this: There is 0 chance MLS stops at 28.
  7. Generally speaking, MLS is competitive with Liga MX on roster spots 1-5. In players 6-11 there is a pretty significant drop off, and the bench depth isn't even comparable. More than anything that has to do with the depth of the US and Mexico player pools. Although the US and Mexico have a comparable number of EPL/Bundesliga/La Liga quality players. The number of Mexican players that are just off that level is significantly higher than the number of American players...and the domestic leagues reflect that.
  8. So once in the last 15 years has a top European country played a friendly against a non-European country outside the top 75. You think that's solid evidence that we should be able to get multiple a year?
  9. Liga MX is much better than Mexico. The top guys in MLS are about even to the top guys in Mexico, but come on guys. Not even the regulars other than the DPs for TFC could start for Tigres. TFC has depth like no other MLS team. But I don't even think Vasquez would be able to hold a starting spot on the top teams in Mexico. He is to slow for the pace of the game there. They have quick creative ball movement. The MLS just runs fast...
  10. FC Edmonton match highlights from last Sundays game :
  11. I agree but I think a decent number of MLS domestics could hang on a Liga MX roster including some current Canadians
  12. It is nearing the final stages of being rebuilt. Much of it was salvaged including the trusses afaik.
  13. Oh that hurts sides are so sore....
  14. The players care about one thing: making the World Cup. That's it.
  15. Remember when we played teams like Spain, Portugal and Germany? Just wondering who signed up for us because of those friendlies?
  16. You win SpecialK, all our worries will be solved by lining up the top 50 in friendlies. Fill your boots, make it happen!! Jamaica is pretty close at 57, I think thats a good start. But El salvador is lined up for Nov window that bad, whats the second team we should line up? And then who is your target for march and how are you going to get them to play us?
  17. If you think a win or a tie against a top team in a friendly would do wonders for our program more than beating teams from our confederation consistently, I feel bad for you Btw, in order to succeed at the World Cup we have to make it there first big guy. Oh and what teams do we have to beat to get there? I think we have to play teams in Asia right?
  18. 2000- Germany played Liechtenstein 2002 Germany played Israel and Kuwait 2004 Germany played Malta 2009 - Germany played Norway 2010 Germany played Malta 2013- Italy played San Marino and Hati 2014- Italy played Luxembourg - Germany played Armenia 2016 Italy played Finland - Germany played Finland I can't find England and France pasted friendlies And I missed a few in South Africa and a few other Israel games
  19. When's that last time England, France, Italy, or Germany played a friendly against a team outside of the FIFA top 75?
  20. Other nations play teams like England, France, Italy , Germany in friendlies, it helps development , shows off what we have, brings in huge money, it's shows the World Canada is not some piss ant. I know for a fact you bring in a nation like those, you'll have 40-60 thousand who give a damn and imagine if we win or get a tie. Oz said it him self Canada needs to play against the best. even if Germany brought its B/C team it would better then any other team in CONCACAF ( other then Mexico or USA). We are going to be playing the big boys in World Cups so why not get ready ! Maybe you don't care how Canada does in World Cups and just happy to be there but for me I'm not! I want Canada to win some games. my logic and thinking is Canada needs to start playing against better competition we have young talent right now and we have some players who are very good for sitting on the sidelines we need to do everything in our power, to show them and the world that we mean business, and that they will get the same treatment, opportunities and play against the same teams that Italy Portugal Belgium England Northern Ireland USA and Mexico play. Canada as lost enough players to other nations and sat in the basement of World Soccer. It's time to set up. And I can't believe you can't get behind that and you call yourself a Canadian Soccer fan. Why is mediocre acceptable to you ?
  21. Prompt action well taken, not like another Federation who took 4 years to put their pants on.
  22. I venture to say that Sampson is toasted.
  23. Jessie Fleming picks up several awards this week. The Pac12 Muscle Milk Athlete of the week honors. Top Drawer player of the week honors.
  24. His "we need to make soccer more interesting to these Millennials" argument was cringe worthy. Completely bonkers.
  25. See the difference between you wanting us to play the same teams as Italy and Germany is that they play in OFFICIAL COMPETIONS LIKE THE WORLD CUP and we play in meaningless friendlies that no one gives a damn about. From your logic, if Suriname and Curacao set up friendlies with "top teams" they would have half of the Dutch national team
  26. They really need to put in some legwork to populate midwestern Ontario.
  27. Jordan Araujo signs at Brighton. Was an ANB academy player
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