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  2. The thing is, he isn't talking about any of these teammates with perhaps the exception of Bernier. I don't think there was any players on this roster beside him during the 8-1. De Jong maybe.
  3. I could be wrong, but I thought the quota was based on CMNT eligibility. Meaning he wouldn't count as a Canadian in this tourney if he gets cap-tied to Ivory Coast.
  4. That had me wishing Edwards would score for TFC and then celebrate by doing DeRo's celebration right in front of Tabla.
  5. If what we want on the GC team is grit and winning attitude, pissed off, passionate play then why arent more people howling over Johnson not being there for the group stage?? Rollins hints that he isnt well liked. Well if Cavallini goes in there saying stuff like he has been in the SA press he wont get alot of love either. At least Johnson has backed it up on the field (if he really is a dick and hard to deal with). I think until Cavallini actually plays and shows something on the field for the nationals he needs to keep his public comments a little more laid back. The guys that have been doing their best for the last 5-6 years for CMNT, wont appreciate a guy with questionable commitment to the team and Canada saying they dont have any fire or passion for winning. If he scores a goal or two, shows us passion on the field for CANADA ( not Uruguay) runs his ass off etc, then MAYBE, he can think about running down the passion of other players. Although talking about teammates you have really hardly played with is always a bad idea.
  6. They have been doing the slow drum and clap, after the game, for two year. Last night was probably the first time that it was shown on television.
  7. Interesting. Some people seem to be able to do it, others can't I'll take a look at the permissions now.
  8. After last night, there will likely be a few sponsors stepping up, and we will have a xxxxxx cup/championship name once again. I still reflexively say CSA as well. It's Canada Soccer and it will likely take me a while to deprogram that.
  9. The rest of that PDF is worth a read: HRM requires a strong management position that allows the municipality to balance the needs of SEA and a professional soccer team with those of the broader community. On that basis, there is an alternative that enables the soccer franchise based on an alternative framework as outlined in Table 2. This will require detailed discussions with SEA in order to determine if the soccer team proposal is still viable. In addition, staff advise that prior to entering into any agreement with SEA that it is prudent to monitor the proposed Soccer Nova Scotia event in September to determine if there are any unforeseen or unacceptable impacts on either the site or the local community.
  10. They showed commercials for the Curacao friendly as well. I don't remember if they played commercials for the previous friendly... perhaps cause it was almost 3 years ago.
  11. Would you suggest the Stanly Cup become the "NHL Cup"" I guess the Grey Cup will become the "CFL Cup"? Sounds absurd right? What's wrong with going with the original name and calling it the Voyageurs Cup? That is simple and distinct, happens to be the truth, and is in keeping with Canadian sporting tradition.
  12. I did it but I couldn't see where to add tags/categories.
  13. Love the Mississauga designs with the "buildings". Need to add a motto though. I suggest: "Ribbed for her pleasure".
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  15. Unfortunately, we can't chalk this up to the shitty CH this time; they're just quoting directly from the CAO report to council back on June 20th( Regardless, it's poor wording from everyone involved. I doubt very much they would except to get any sort of crowd for a random USL game, unless something similar to the NY Cosmos vs. Valencia friendly in Regina is lined up. Still crossing my fingers for a Canada v Jamaica friendly. They play Sept 2 in Toronto and Sept 5 is a designated FIFA date.
  16. I'll check it out when I get home. Could be a permissions issue.
  17. I did it and it worked. (Only problem is I don't want to update this though.)
  18. The Barton St. Battalion are an independent supporters group founded for the purpose of supporting the yet to be announced professional Hamilton Soccer Team. Expected to be announced in 2017, a new professional Canadian league will be launched across the country with Hamilton to be receiving one of the new soccer franchises. Since being founded in February of 2016, the Battalion have built a positive relationship with the Tigercats and look to build a strong fan base within the city. While it may be early to begin supporting a team yet to exist, we are a group that stands for supporting soccer while reflecting the ambition of Hamilton itself. An official announcement is not needed to showcase our passion for the game as we help build the strong soccer community that Hamilton already harbors. As a soccer fan or Hamiltonian, we hope you’ll join us.
  19. I'm good with the comments, maybe there is something lost in the translation potentially, but overall I'm good. You should want players that have a winning mentality and losing is not a option. I feel the CSA on the men's side doesn't have a winning mentality ( Oz has even said so). And there's prime examples of that. There should be an expectation for teams and the CSA and fans, for me personally I feel like there's not. Do I think that is slowly changing with Oz now in charge, ya but there needs to be a expectation for him too. I'm so happy Cavallini is back and if Larin can get his scoring touch in order. They can be two monsters that Canada has never had before. Yes Canada does not have some of it's stars players but we do have a strong team going to the Gold cup, the expectation should be to get in the finals of the gold cup. If we win the gold cup this year it's going to open so many opportunities for men's soccer.
  20. Well actually, regarding KW, Saskatchewan and Fraser Valley, we've heard a few times now that discussions regarding venues are actually happening but they just haven't been as public as Halifax.
  21. Maybe he is not much slower than Davies over longer distances, but Davies has an incredible burst of speed that I've never seen from Tesho, something that Davies sustains for a good 30 or so yards. Davies is damned fast.
  22. Cavallini has not shown any "Latin American passion to win" with Canada yet. When he has demonstrated some of this then he can comment on other Canadian players. I know very little about his mindset, but the couple of comments we have heard and his lack of caps for Canada do not represent a passion to win with Canada to me. Anybody can run their mouth.
  23. Not sure where that impression comes from. Looking at Eredivisie transfers for 2016, almost an equal number went to the Premier League and Bundesliga as they went B2. Is the Premier League and the Bundesliga then similar to B2? No. Top players in the Eredivisie transfer to the top leagues. Your middle of the road players by and large end up in the Championship where there is more money than in the Eredivisie. You are also starting to see some of those middle-of-the-road players, like Kappelhof, Goossens, de Leeuw, and Hoesen coming to the MLS. Kappelhof and de Leeuw could definitely be in a Championship side or competing for a spot in a lower half PL squad. Peripheral players or those on weaker teams tend to transfer to B2 or 3. Liga and similar leagues, and a lot of those are on free transfers. The truth is that Eredivisie is a feeder league for richer leagues.
  24. I wouldn't say it is "nothing", but they collectively haven't been stubborn enough when it comes to winning. Not even close. That is the mental fragility Zambrano has identified and has come in to fix.
  25. Do you think this statement is true of most of the CanMNT? "they lose a game and for them it's nothing"
  26. This, this, this. We need a mentality shift. ..and what Lucas brings is what we need from everybody.
  27. We won't because of that and its a 3 at the back
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