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  2. Jonathan Osorio

    Well said by an apparent Modric fanboy
  3. Amraj Lally

    He is no longer with Chania as of July 1st. Any word if he has signed with another club or had any trials?
  4. kacbru

  5. Today
  6. International friendlies 2017 [R]

    The USA will play away to Portugal on Nov 14th. The Czech Republic have set up two friendlies in Qatar. Nov 8 vs Iceland and Nov 11 vs Qatar
  7. CPL General

    Trolls gotta troll lol. Best to ignore
  8. CPL General

    So the guy responsible for getting TFC of the ground has no knowledge of launching a football team but some anonymous big mouth on the internet knows all. Let me guess, you are under the age of 20?
  9. CPL General

    So the guy responsible for getting TFC of the ground has no knowledge of launching a football team but some anonymous big mouth on the internet knows all. Let me guess, you are under the age of 20?
  10. I like how there is a 14 year gap between posts in this thread. We won't be able to hide anything from future generations because we'll keep bumping old posts.
  11. New kit deal with Adidas

    Suspect he's not hugely out of tune with how most soccer people see this at the moment, if you get away from this board, which is not hugely representative of Canadian soccer fans given the strong CMNT focus, because unfortunately the national team has never been adopted to the extent it should have been. We have been assured big things were just around the corner going at least as far back as the summer of 2015: https://archive.org/details/TwoSolitudesSoccerPodcast94ACanadianLeagueFinallyAndGoldCup and now after you all bought the t-shirts even 2018 probably isn't happening by all accounts. Even though CanPL now has a reasonable shot at actually happening (the amount of things that need to fall neatly into place on stadium issues shouldn't be underestimated) and is looking a lot more solid than it ever did previously probably based mainly on stuff that happened after Paul Beirne was hired late last year, if you cry wolf misleadingly often enough a lot of people will eventually stop listening by the time the genuine article finally starts to approach.
  12. CPL General

    Before that in the aftermath of the moratorium being imposed (fall of 2010?) there was the Easton report study that started in 2011 and the attempt to launch a D2 league on the back of the 2015 Women's World Cup. Things took a detour when Jim Easton concluded that a U-23 regional focus was the better way to go.
  13. New kit deal with Adidas

    Wooooo troll lol
  14. New kit deal with Adidas

    Ohhhhhhh okay, now I get it, you're completely naive and out of the loop. So they're not going to actually have just two teams in the league. There's already ownership groups announced in three other provinces and another in Ontario. The Faths have been attending meetings and the Fury have talked positively of the league. They have a head office in Toronto and have begun to hire employees. I'm not sure what you expect at this point but you have no reason to doubt anything. Feel free to check the CPL General thread and read the dozens of articles about the league and it's teams posted there. Also be sure to check out the numerous interviews different owners, league officials and insiders have done.
  15. CPL General

    Wasn't it 2014? That's when NASL Canada was first mentioned. Seems like the first serious thing
  16. Whitecaps 2017 Season

    Just wondering if any of the Caps fans might think that the Caps finishing 3rd (if that should happen) might be a blessing in disguise. My theory is that the Caps are successful at home playing a counter-attacking style but they are often poor on the road in comparison. If they lose the first leg of a playoff series on the road, they may find it more difficult to play counter-attacking at home against at team that would themselves be sitting back and hitting them on the counter-attack because they would already have the lead. I could be talking out of my rear end but I just get the feeling that Vancouver will be more successful if they play the first leg at home with their style of play.
  17. CPL General

    MLS took 8 years to get off the ground. Patience 2013 is a bit off the cuff as well. Back then it was a vague idea between Montagliani and Young to have a Canadian division of NASL
  18. You mean the kid that was already permanently cap-tied so there was no reason to play him?
  19. Agree with parts of both these seemingly opposing posts. Best case if Yallop was coaching in 2008, he would have played a certain Bosnian-Canadian keeper on loan at Yeovil Town!
  20. Jonathan Osorio

    that kid full of himself and thinks he's higher in life then the CN tower when he's actually not...I would never have him on my team...only reason prob he's still where he is because he's canadian but can clearly tell for how much longer as he doesn't get much playing time and i totally agree with the roster that TFC has currently Oso has no room probably will see him this weekend vs Atlanta he proved to everyone how cocky and stupid he is by wearing gloves....
  21. Canadian Arena Soccer Association

    Canada 2-4 Mexico Class above? Team Canada was formed in a month....Mexico team all play together in mexico in the MASL they also just lost in the finals of the Mini World Cup in Tunisa going undefated leading unto the Finals of the tournament CASA is also planning on creating a semi-Pro Arena Soccer league (APL)that would start in the new year (January)208 those leagues games will also be played out of the Hershey Centre in Mississauga
  22. Not yet - They have three matches remaining - two at home - and need one more win to guarantee a spot in the knock outs. Although a draw against Porto or Leipzig should do it. Hutch was also had the arm band for the match
  23. Canadian Arena Soccer Association

    I would like to inform everyone that visits this forum/topic That on October 24th 2017 at 10;00 am Real Sports Apparel downtown Toronto...CASA & MASL will be announcing/unveliling the Toronto/Mississauaga francshie that will kick off in the MASL in 2018 which will play there home games out of hershey centre-Mississauga
  24. Jonathan Osorio

    If he is so cold then why didn't he wear long sleeves? Is he trying to start a trend here? At least get a nicer pair of gloves! Red maybe...
  25. CPL General

    Also really digging this part about a potential split to NISA1 and NISA2, how Wilt is making this clear before the league kicks off. Got to have goals to work towards, and this is similar to what Beirne should lay out as well for a future CPL1 or CPL2 (I disagree with the 10/10+ split, the top division has to be 12 or 14 teams at least). Fine if we never get there, but lay it in the charter and the framework if we do somehow optimistically get there. "Once there are 20 or more teams, the single table will be used to determine which ten clubs are promoted to NISA 1 in 2020 while the remaining clubs will play 2020 in NISA 2."
  26. CPL General

    Ya okay Modric, thanks for checking in from Madrid.
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