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  2. It's all about the tv money, that's why next Monday's Championship Play Off Final at Wembley is the most lucrative pay off for the winner in all of sport!
  3. Leg one for the semi finals tomorrow night. Someone asked a good question on Does Davies count as domestic for this tourney? I would assume he doesn't.
  4. Aird has left Falkirk, had only signed a short term deal
  5. Has left Falkirk as his contract expired
  6. I've always favoured allowing 5 subs plus the keeper doesn't count as a sub. Way too much conditioning because of the limited subs IMHO. Real glad to hear he's doing fine.
  7. With the three must start rule for the Canadian Championship - who do you think gets the nod tomorrow night and is it even possible that TFC might even start more than the minimum? I would think Edwards, Ricketts and one of Osorio or Chapman. Any chance Morgan sees the field?
  8. Which just supports the sub role. The coach at Barca had other options so Messi subbed in to start his career. Maybe the the Southampton coach didn't have any alternatives so he threw the youngsters into the deep end. Robbo has options. I don't get the impatience. Robbo has hit on a formation and lineup that is working wonderfully. 9 points out of 15 with 12 of those points being on the road doesn't scream "change things". Tchani and Jacobson are 2 large bodies who wear on defenders. Then throw the greyhound at them. Davies is doing GREAT in the role assigned to him. Come in for 30 minutes and wreak havoc offensively and defensively. More roles including starter will come his way probably in the V's Cup to begin with. sarc As far as his development for Canada goes I can see no way that Canada could use a 30 minute burst of dynamite late in a game so yea let's run him constantly for 90+ at 16 years of age. What could possibly go wrong? /sarc
  9. In a perfect world a Toronto CPL and the Toronto Wolfpack would ground share a new grass field stadium that seats 10k.
  10. Wow, Prem to Championship to L1 are massive drops! I guess that shouldn't be surprising.
  11. Well said. Larin's highlights in MLS show him blasting goals into the net from just outside the box, and yet when playing for Canada, he almost never has those type of chances. It has been mentioned that he has no one like Kaka to feed him, but your point is one that I hope Oz is thinking about when figuring out our set up for the next set of games. Having Cavallini or another strike partner (preferably not Ricketts) will make Cyle much more effective for Canada.
  12. I would personally love to see him start alongside Larin. It seems to me Larin's bread and better are either creating an inch of space and ripping one from around the 18 or (more frequently) an incisive run and quick well placed finish. It's hard to do either effectively when you're the lone target striker. Orlando have figured this out and pair him with Rivas. I haven't watched much of Cavallini in the last 4 years, but if his game is anything like it was, he could certainly be used to run at defenders and create space for Larin (something Larin doesn't often do).
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  15. Didn't a bunch of them get caught with hookers one time?
  16. At Barcelona. Diego Maradona was a starter at 16 and was called to the full Argentine NT at that age. Guys like Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott were starting at Southampton at 16/17.
  17. Blue Bombers SC.
  18. Looks like keeping Osorio out of the lineup for the last 10 days was more precautionary than anything. He could play tomorrow, although perhaps they'll give him a few more days off?
  19. I think the status of that team option clause is the key to who holds the cards. If it is valid and enforceable then Larin's contract has over 2 years to run. Otherwise he is a free agent in a few months.
  20. or, you know, just KISS
  21. I don't think teams would want a 26 years old who played his whole career in Mls
  22. For comparison purposes, here are the AVERAGE salaries in England's top 4 divisions for the 2014/15 season, in GBP of course: Premier League first-team average salaries were around £1.7million per player per year. Average basic pay in the Championship was £324,250 per player per year (bonuses would increase this a bit) £69,500 in League One £40,350 in League Two
  23. trying to get it as close as possible to this without including the spire I think it just needs a few strokes, but otherwise i'll try something more simple for remparts
  24. The Benn's should invest. The supporters group could be the Sons of Benn
  25. Is it possible to make the top of the crest remparts similar to my Winnipeg Eleven design?
  26. We have a section called "Notes", I went ahead and made a note that he is currently not eligible.
  27. I just don't think Larin is good enough to command the salary that would make sense for him to end up in the top Euro leagues. Orlando should hold on to him - maybe in another 3-4 years he will be ready for that jump.
  28. I love this one. The top part of the crest seems a bit odd. But you're so close to killing it with this crest
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