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  3. socceronly

    Canada vs Germany


    I think I will do them all on Sunday. I still have some left, was hoping to do them all at the same time. Also, there seems to be a pre game bar snafu. I want that sorted so I can send it the info with the tickets. Jamie
  4. Fecske

    Canada vs Germany


    Hi, I am wondering when are we getting our tickets? Thanks A
  5. Hey, sorry for the delayed response. I was away all weekend and haven't checked the forums.

    If you're willing to grab an extra shirt or hoodie, that would be great. I'd be happy to connect on Facebook if you'd like to talk further (so you can see my real name and that I will actually pay you, haha). I posted a similar request in the Wanderers SG group just a few minutes ago if you're there, so feel free to reach out to me if you're still willing. Or just let me know here, whatever is easier. 

    I'm in St. John's, and shipping shouldn't be too much. I'd happily send cash + shipping fee. :)

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  7. a little late now.... but i completely agree with you that the guy critiqueing you is absolutely smug.  i see nothing wrong with considering everything east of moscow asia. 


    i consdier myself well read, but in all honestly... everything east of moscow isnt really important.  the major cities in russia are moscow, st. petersburgh, sochi (now) and vladivistock, lenningrad and stalingrad.  oh... and for the record... i bet lotsa ppl dont know two of those places are the same.  ooops... ignorant me for inciting the second coming of macarthyism!


    like dispr said... some ppl are just idiots on these boards. 

  8. kungfucious

    CMNT - Friendly - Canada vs New Zealand


    viewing parties? im kinda curious as concaf #4 had to play against them for last chance qualification
  9. Welcome back to the broadcasting booth. Hope to see you from the 4th officials table.

    1. gwsmith63


      Cheers mate!  Looking forward to the new season.  

  10. I have taken all the products offline. I thought I had solved the shipping problem with Canada post wrt to shipping a single item, but alas.... they have tightened the rules again it seems. Out of 7 shipments I just lost money on 6. They refused to do the $4 over sized letter mail shipments, and forced me to ship them as parcels. I am done playing this game with them. $18 to ship a $20 scarf to Alberta. Really disappointing. Have to do things differently. The same package using Amazon fulfillment services using the exact same shipping method via Canada Post would be three times cheaper, and that is with my business discount. Going to switch to annual, or biennial Voyageurs Kits. Shirt, Scarf and some third alternating thing we change up every year (or two). The kits can be shipped via AFS. High upfront capital cost, but less problems overall. I've already sold almost all the studio gear. When I started doing this my rent was $690 a month, now its' $1800. Have to do this differently and really looking forward to simplifying things. Buy a kit. Ship a kit.
  11. Now it appears that this name consists of the 9 municipalities in York Region

    Town of Aurora
    Town of East Gwillimbury
    Town of Georgina
    Township of King
    City of Markham
    Town of Newmarket
    Town of Richmond Hill
    City of Vaughan
    Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville

    1. GuillermoDelQuarto


      Super Busy right now but i'll put it on the list for a little later in the summer when my schedule clears up.  Anything else you can tell me? 

  12. Guillermo, do you think you could design one of your logos for the York Region CPL team. It appears that the name "York 9 FC" has now been flying around as a potential team name given that this team name is affiliated to Preben Ganzhorn, President of York Sports and Entertainment.

  13. socceronly

    Canada vs Germany

    Canada takes on Germany at Tim Horton's field at 2pm on Sunday June 10th.
  14. socceronly

    Bridge City Firm

    Supporters group for the coming Canadian Premier League club in Saskatchewan.
  15. socceronly

    Fraser Valley CPL

    Group forming for the CanPL in the greater Vancouver area. The team may be in either the Fraser Valley or Surrey.
  16. socceronly

    CMNT - Friendly - Canada vs New Zealand

    Kick off time in the event is not accurate. No kick time was announced and this appears to be a closed doors friendly.
  17. socceronly

    CWNT - U17 - WCQ - Canada vs USA

    U17 World Cup Qualifying
  18. socceronly

    CWNT - U17 - WCQ - Canada vs Costa Rica

    Women's U17 World Cup Qualifying
  19. socceronly

    CWNT - U17 - WCQ - Canada vs Bermuda

    Women's U17 World Cup Qualifying
  20. Sorry this might be easier... the Herdman thread in MNT

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    2. Vic


      Ahh ok you're a champ, sorry thought maybe you were lawyered up or something. 

    3. socceronly


      It's close to that. 

      People want to continue down this rabbit hole. 

      They can be right all they want.  

      We will be destroyed, and effectively lose everything, and they will still be right.


    4. Vic


      Brutal. Tell them to get a room or take it outside


  21. socceronly

    CWNT - U20 - WCQ Semi Final vs Mexico

    Canada vs Mexico - CONCACAF U20 WCQ Check The Voyageurs Facebook page and Women's forum for streams
  22. RT @24thminute: @NoahMarkowicz @torontofc There have been plenty of Canadian teams of the year that were made up of mostly non-Canadians. Y…

  23. RT @24thminute: @NoahMarkowicz @torontofc There have been plenty of Canadian teams of the year that were made up of mostly non-Canadians. Y…

  24. RT @24thminute: @NoahMarkowicz @torontofc There have been plenty of Canadian teams of the year that were made up of mostly non-Canadians. Y…

  25. RT @24thminute: @NoahMarkowicz @torontofc There have been plenty of Canadian teams of the year that were made up of mostly non-Canadians. Y…

  26. socceronly

    Canada vs USA

    Canada takes on USA at BC Place Nov 9th.
  27. socceronly

    Site Update

    Apologies for this taking so long. The upgrade script went haywire and decided to self destruct. Fortunately the powers that be were able to figure it all out and get us back on our feet. The new software has many new features, some of which we will explore turning on over the next few weeks. Forum Default View - You can change this, but it now functions more like an activity stream for all posts. Reactions - We now have reactions to post rather than just Like Shipping - We will no longer ship Oversized Letter Mail. The default shipping will be tracked expedited parcels. This increases our default shipping cost so it really is only effective to buy more than one item. Canada Post is simply not letting us ship a shirt or scarf in what used to be a $3.50 envelope. Make no mistake when you go to a Canada post outlet, the people at those front desks are sales people in disguise. They have quotas or at least get bonuses for driving more sales to things like Express Post. I consider this a terrible disservice to the public. Member Map - Thought it would be fun to see where everyone is from: http://www.thevoyageurs.org/membermap/ Default Letter Avatars - Defaults to the first letter of your username for those who have not up loaded one. Signatures - Signatures should work if you have been on the site long enough. If these prove irritating, we will kill them. One of the new features I have not yet turned on is Clubs. I may delete all of the City based Voyageurs FB Pages and pull it back into the site. The Facebook pages are too cumbersome on mass. It's also very unclear how FB decides who gets to see what. You need to pay them it seems now if you want to get your message out there.
  28. CanadaLFC

    Sauga City Collective

    We are the Sauga City Collective, a group of Mississaugans dedicated to seeing a Mississauga club in the newly founded Canadian Premier League. We’re young, goal oriented and on a mission to turn dream this into a reality. We have been able to establish a core group of supporters and this helps us with our strategic plans for the future. With approximately 340 members on Facebook and over 300 followers of our official Twitter account, we’ve progressed well, but the road is long. We can do better! While in our preliminary phase, we’ve done our best to try and spread the word to people we are directly connected with in the soccer community, and it has worked. We have spoken directly with members of city council who was receptive of our idea and now has a history of undertaking soccer projects in the city. These are all steps in the right direction, and we believe we’ve made progress. We have also has contact with L1 Ontario teams and established great relationships with them, as we try to get more of the soccer community involved. Our next steps will will be producing merchandise for sale so that we can use the funds to further promote our cause. We are not-for-profit, rather we are for the promotion of soccer in Mississauga and will use the money earned for doing so. Our plan is to keep showing our support and we realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint.. There’s strength in numbers - we hope that you’ll join us and spread the word!
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