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  2. General Discussion on CMNT

    Arfield offers so much going forward that there is no way he gets slotted in at DM. Piette is very capable in that position, so Scott A is far better utilized in an attacking capacity. Piette is still behind Hutch, but within a year or two (likely) Piette will probably be a lock for Canada's DM role for the next decade.
  3. Liam Millar

    Full highlights of the game vs Hartlepool
  4. Liam Millar

    Please delete
  5. Arfield starts for Burnley against Brighton. 0-0 at the half.
  6. General Discussion on CMNT

    That's the problem, he is our best option at AM. Oso is a great player but we can get more competetive at that position. Regarding Piette, he is behind both Hutch and Scotty at DM. What sucks about the 4-4-2 diamond for us is that we are unable to play Hutch and Scotty at the same time and Piette will fall back on the depth chart.
  7. Duane Rollins Fantasy League

    i thought it was pretty easy to figure out tactics once I made a few adjustments. It took took me too long into the season to put it together.
  8. Today
  9. Also to note that tomorrow at 1 pm ET is the Canadian derby in Serbia, with Borjan's first place Red Star taking on Cornelius' second from the bottom Javor. Might be possible to find an internet feed for this match.
  10. Andre Hainault to Europe?

    Hainault finally made his return from injury today, subbing in at the 82nd minute as Magdeburg beat Sonnenhof Grosaspach 3-0. Hopefully he can get his career back on track after the long injury.
  11. Hainault finally returned to the pitch after his long injury, subbing in at minute 82 of Magdeburg's 3-0 win over Sonnenhof Grosaspach. Stanese subbed on in the 68th minute as Aalen tied Fortuna Koln 1-1. Massih Wassey played 90 in a 0-0 tie with Halle as his Paderborn falls two points behind Hainault's Magdeburg who are in first place. Straith played 90 as Lotte surprisingly defeated Hansa Rostock 3-0
  12. Scotland Haber is on the bench against Partick Aird is on the bench against St. Mirren Trafford starts against Dumbarton. Paton started for Stenhousemuir and had done this Godinho, Zanatta, Gasparotto, and Gomes all have there games cancelled. England Twardek is on the Millwall Bench.
  13. General Discussion on CMNT

    I have accepted the US will get those teams, but Canada should book someone and it might be easier now that World Cup teams get more money for prep and training. I just find the Men's program so staggent and the CSA is so slow at reported updates, we hear the news first from the other teams. Even the Scotland game, they were reporting it way before the CSA did. A tournament is totally needed.
  14. Maxime Crépeau

    Lowe's value would be much higher than MC... Fourth round pick, or more likely unannounced cash considerations.
  15. General Discussion on CMNT

    Wait and see. Who honestly knows? Also nothing wrong with a U23 camps. A big reason why the US gets the opponents they do with such ease is because it's the US and there's a nice pay day in it for everyone. There is a desire to play there so the US is able to arrange things with ease. This desire does not exist with Canada and you should just accept it already. It's not weird to have a late announcement for January as it's a non-FIFA date. They've already announced a u23 thing and it would not be shocking if this is the camp and included a friendly with either a U23 or senior team. Also it sounds like the November game was one that fell apart towards the end. Why? No idea.
  16. Massih Wassey

    Highlights goals from the game vs fc st. Pauli ( 2. BUNDESLIGA) his goal was a beauty. https://tv.dfb.de/video/dfb-cup-men-sc-paderborn-vs-fc-st-pauli-the-goals/18714/
  17. Whitecaps Off Season 2017-2018

    If that is the reason, and he understands it is in his best interests, it makes sense. If he is opposed and thinks he deserves a chance, then we could see him moving when he hits 18, out of frustration or spite even. He really should be taking every game day as the chance to trial for future prospects, and mature as a player that way. I suppose he is a semester behind in his schooling, understandable.
  18. Massih Wassey

    Here is highlights of the game vs VfL Bochum ( 2. BUNDESLIGA) he comes on at the 46 min and at the 6:09 mark of the video you can some of his skill makes a nice spin move and pass. He scores at the 7:22 mark of the video https://youtu.be/6k1aXRoczJE
  19. Brian Wright

    Surprising but great for the kid. Hope he'll get more chances though.
  20. General Discussion on CMNT

    At this point, it’s not about the opponent it’s just the fact that they have a games scheduled and seemed like they have their shit in order even with the election happening , the media and with not making the World Cup. Ya the US is not going to the World Cup but they giving what the fans want, games against the worlds best. We couldn’t even have games in November and nothing for Jan yet and if we play I bet will find out first by the opponents media not ours
  21. General Discussion on CMNT

    Can't really compare us with the USA in terms of quality of opponent we'd be able to get in a World Cup year. That gap is still huge. But there really isn't a reason why we shouldn't be playing a CONCACAF domestic team in Jan.....except money.
  22. General Discussion on CMNT

    Funny how the Americans can play Portugal , Bonsia and now France in June. And Canada can't even play in November and hasn't announce any future games for the Senior team. It can't be that hard to find teams to play ? Can it ? Oh wait we have find out through other nations media haha.
  23. General Discussion on CMNT

    The only full national team rumour we had was than the USMNT was considering playing a second friendly in January and that one of Canada/Jamaica would be the opponent. The Americans decided to only have one Camp Cupcake game. As for March? Nothing yet. Generally speaking March friendlies are announced in early January.
  24. Massih Wassey

    He socres two goals in this game one at the 3:10 mark and one on a PK at around 4 min mark https://youtu.be/79nZ00VSJnw his lasted goal was a beautiful PK at the 2:49 mark, he had to take the penalty twice and funny enough he scored both. https://youtu.be/z3mSEHuUBOQ
  25. Massih Wassey

    It's 20 games and 10 goals. He played 3 games in domestic cups and 2 games were against 2.bundesliga teams in which he scored in both games . I believe a bunch of his goals were PKs. He's their main PK guy. Some guys are saying bring up Millar instead. And I do agree he needs to get a called up, a game vs Bermuda type team would be great. But everyone we don't have any CM depth. After Arfield ( which CM is not his natural position ) , Osorio, Hutch ( who knows how many more games is in him. ) and Piette ( who is a DM). We have a bunch of young guys, which is great, but we need more seasoned vet's, he's only 29 so there is still some years left in him. We are not always going to have Arfield or Hutch. Also Wassey could be a nice option off the bench.
  26. General Discussion on CMNT

    No camp poutine for the north american guys?? Or does the u-23 florida camp in Jan count?? Thats better than nothing. Maybe Tabla will accept a call?
  27. Alphonso Davies

    Hmmm werent these the guys urging Bustos to attend a u20 Chilean camp saying it would be good for his development??
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